About Us

Our Story

Smart Gate company is one of the fastest-growing marketing & distribution companies with a focus on consumer electronics and has the local and regional experience to deliver an unparalleled level of service, support, logistics, and competitive pricing to the marketplace and focuses on pure value-added distribution. We service all business sectors including wholesalers, small and medium retailers, value-added resellers, power retailers and corporate resellers. Smart Gate’s rapid expansion and commitment to service excellence have positioned it as the market leader in the region and a favorite source of products..

What can we do for you ?

Our Mission To deliver the latest technology products and solutions to our valuable customers.

Our vision
We will be one of the best companies in Egypt and the first to sell products at the best prices

We always strive to satisfy the customer at all costs

Hour Of Operation
Sunday: 10-5PM
Monday: 10-5PM
Tuesday: 10-5PM
Wednesday: 10-5PM
Thursday: 10-5PM
Saturday: Closed

If you’re enterested in employment opportunities at Smart Gate Store, please email us: [email protected]