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Galaxy Watch5

Four Galaxy Watch5 watches stacked on top of each other in four different colors and different interactive interfaces (the gray watch displays the body mount feature on the watch face, the rose gold watch displays the time as “10:08,” and the silver watch displays the hours of sleep as “8h.” 30m”, and the sapphire-coloured watch displays the time (5″ in blue and white gradient). Each watch has a different color strap, from textured gray to the iconic gold to lavender to the new blue.

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Galaxy Watch5

“It’s the best Android watch to buy right now.”


Lexy Savvides


Galaxy Watch5

“The benchmark for Android smartwatches”


Angela Moscaritolo


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Galaxy Watch5 Pro

“If you are looking for the longest battery life, the Watch5 Pro may be the right choice for you.”


Chris Barraclough


Galaxy Watch5 Pro

“Sapphire crystal has increased scratch resistance”


Benjamin Aboagye


  • Sleep tracking
  • Monitor health and wellness
  • 13% larger battery for daily use 1
  • A smart watch to achieve your daily wellness goals

Monitor health status

Monitor your health
around the clock

And at night too

On the left is the Galaxy Watch5 in Ruby, showing the sleep dashboard that shows the stages of sleep. In the middle is a silver Galaxy Watch5 showing sleep time and sleep level. On the right is a rose gold Galaxy Watch5 showing sleep time and calories burned.

Sleep tracking

“Helps you sleep”

Monitor your sleep with our new and improved sleep tracking technology. Plan bedtime, detect snoring, understand and track your sleep stages (awake, light sleep, deep sleep, REM) with 8 sleep animal symbols that represent your sleep type. A good night’s sleep makes your day full of activity and vitality. 2 , 3 , 4 , 5


your heart condition

Underside of Galaxy Watch5.

Samsung BioActive Sensor

The powerful 3-in-1 Samsung BioActive Sensor efficiently controls three health status sensors. Bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor, electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor, and optical heart rate sensor.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Sensor

The underneath of the Galaxy Watch5 device is shown. On the right is a frontal view of the Watch5 device with the BIA user interface reading Skeletal muscle 26.5 kilograms, Body fat 25.2%, and time as 8:30 am On the side and rear of the device body, the Home Key, Back Key , and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor measure BIA.
Monitor everything from body fat percentage (BIA) to skeletal muscle weight. All the personal feedback you need to track your progress toward better health.

Fitness tracking

Every step makes a difference

Galaxy Watch5 with a silver case displays step count in large white numbers '3,456/6,000 steps', and days of the week with Thursday highlighted.
Galaxy Watch5 with silver body displays step count in large white numbers '3,457/6000 steps', and days of the week with Thursday highlighted.
Galaxy Watch5 with a silver body displays step count in large white numbers '3,458/6,000 steps', and days of the week with Thursday highlighted.
Galaxy Watch5 with silver body displays step count in large white numbers '3,459/6000 steps', and days of the week with Thursday highlighted.

A Silver-bodied Galaxy Watch5 displaying counting steps in big white numbers ‘3,456 / 6000 steps’, and the days of the week with Thursday highlighted.

Do you exercise? Your watch counts your steps, calories, and routine, too. It also supports more than 90 exercises that you can track from your watch.


“It’s time to do everything”


“Do not let go of your wrist except for a moment.”

A Sapphire Galaxy Watch5 on top of a wireless charger in black showing a 45% charge on the face.

Up to 45% shipped in30minute

Charging from 0% to 45% only takes approximately 30 minutes. Yes, what you read is correct. With a larger battery than its predecessors and fast charging capability, you can charge at super-fast 16


Learn about sapphire crystal
crystal display

Meet the durable, water-resistant watch. Our Galaxy Watch  is made of sapphire crystal . Al Fakher is 1.6 times stronger. Almost anything you go through in your day..  Almost anything you go through in your day.



Your watch is the best expression of you

Two people pose together for a selfie, one wearing a Galaxy Watch5 on her wrist. The selfie image can be previewed in real-time shooting on the watch's display screen.

Take the perfect group selfie and put yourself in the frame when shooting solo vlogs with your Watch Prop your smartphone, step back, check the shot on your wrist and tap to take the photo. Now you can zoom in for a closer look with a simple pinch of your fingers on the screen or change the orientation of the

The Galaxy Watch5 can be seen from the display screen. This screen shows a preview of a selfie with 3x zoom and the shutter button.

 Move apart by pinching your fingers
or rotating the edges of the watch in a clockwise direction.
 Zoom by spreading your fingers
or rotating the edges of the watch in a counterclockwise direction.


See what you can do

Navigate your next adventure with Google Maps, stream YouTube videos, text and get help from Bixby or Google Assistant, and connect or browse the web. Do you do those things on your phone? You can do it on the Galaxy Watch5. Plus, with Smart Switch, retaining data from your previous Galaxy Watch is also easy. Did we mention that it also tells us the time?


New Watch. Same data

Retain data from your previous Galaxy Watch4.

Two Galaxy Watches facing each other. At the top, the Galaxy Watch4 is silver, with a white band and a display that shows the time as a gray “2”. At the bottom, the Galaxy Watch5 in rose gold with a pink strap, and a display that shows the time as “5” in an orange and pink gradient. Between the two watches, the Smart Switch logo appears.

Portrait of a woman posing outdoors with a city skyline in front of her, wearing a blue outfit and a Watch5 on her wrist displaying the time as '5' in a blue and pink gradient.

the design

It never loses its luster

Galaxy Watch5 shown in sapphire with an open, extended strap. The watch face shows a design that displays the time as “10:08.” Behind the watch, there is a group of straps in colors: lavender, iconic gold, and textured grey.

Watch faces

Face your day
in your own way

From analog to digital, vintage to modern, select a watch face that helps you face your day. Choose from the classic collection, or from different watch faces.

Galaxy Watch5 watch face showing a flower garden in autumn.


Belts that fit you

Five flat, horizontally placed watch bands in different colors and designs appear, including a purple Sports Band, a gray Ribbed Band, a gray Composite Sports Band, a two-tone Sand Gray Sports Band, and a two-tone Brick Red Sports Band.

Choose a belt that matches everything you wear. Or get a set to match with any outfit you wear. Variety is all you need.


Customization according to your desires

Available in stunning colors specially designed to complete your look. Choose from grey, ruby, and silver for the Galaxy Watch5 Large, or grey, rose gold, and silver for the Watch5 Small.

Galaxy Watch5 in silver, front display showing time as '5:05'.
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