Order Return

1- How to return the product?

You can now return your product through the website by following these steps:
Sign in, click Orders, and then click the order that includes the products you want to return.
Choose the number of products you want to return, and specify the reason for the return in detail to help us solve the product problem
Choose your preferred refund method (for example: in case of prepayment, please choose the same method for a refund)
Choose how to return the product.
Review your details and submit a refund request.

2- When can the products be returned?

All products sold on our website can be returned, except in the case of defective industry only during the replacement period, provided that the merchandise is in its original condition and fully included.
These conditions are not product insurance and any breakage – scratching – burning stops the conditions.
Please note that the return request for defective products will be accepted within 30 days of receipt. If the product encounters damage or a problem 30 days after receipt,
After 30 days have passed, we will not be able to accept returns. In this case, we recommend that you contact the agency responsible for product warranty in the event of product warranty .. Click here to learn more information about warranty systems for each product