Warranty policy


Dear Customer:
Please read the following conditions to help us provide a better service
Warranty terms: –
1- The warranty is for 12 months and after the products may be from 3 to 6 months
2- Replacement and return policy within 14 days from the date of purchase. Replacement is only made if there is an industrial defect only during the replacement period, provided that the goods are in their original condition and are fully inclusive.
3- These conditions are not considered product insurance and any breakage – scratching – burning stops the conditions.
4- In the event that the product is brought to the warranty, all accessories and packages must be brought in.
5- The warranty is void in case of attempting to open or repair the product outside the service center approved by the dealer.
6- The company includes the power units for a period of three months only (battery – charger).
7- The maintenance shall be delivered no later than fifteen days at least before the end of the warranty period.
8- In the event that the substitute item does not exist, the product’s life has ended, or its production has been stopped, the item will be re-evaluated according to the company’s estimate, and the amount will be placed in the customer’s account to purchase any other product or pay the difference between the product price according to the company’s evaluation and a similar product with higher specifications, and the value will be estimated according to the price The purchase or market is whichever is less and the consumption percentage is deducted from the value at least 4% for each month.
9- The customer acknowledges that he received the product and the accessories in good condition and in its original condition free from apparent defects and that the product was examined before leaving the branch.
10- Maintenance dates from 10 am to 6 pm except Friday and Saturday are rest
Replacement or warranty condition